On the 10th of April 2019, Being the adventurous soul that i am, i and my aunty Priscilla embarked on a nature walk in Nguuni animal sactuary. P.s we are so random we only planned for this the night before😜.My aunty stays in Vescon Bamburi in Mombasa Kenya and thats why it was convenient for us to use a tuktuk as a cost friendly means of going to the park.

Nguuni Animal sanctuary is located in kiembeni, Bamburi – Mombasa, Kenya.We arrived at the location at 8:30a.m and we were so syked up about the nature walk. I couldn’t wait to walk through the beautiful sanctuaries of my beautiful country Kenya, but little did i know of the adventures that awaited me!😂

For a resident’s costs Kshs. 350, and for a non resident it’s Kshs. 800 as shown below.

Nguuni also provides a serene area for students to study. It’s breezy and surrounded by beautiful trees and all you can hear is the peaceful nature surrounding you. I admired this because most students lack a good environment for studying when at home.


After paying at the reception we were advised to take a walk to the area where the animals are based. We thought it would be a ten steps kind of thing but mahn! It was a heck of a distance!😂😂 i laugh because i enjoyed and suffered at the same time – lets call it a pain of passion😂.

I don’t realy know know how many kilometers we walked but the fact remains that my legs were weary haha.3/4 of the distance we met quite a huge number of girrafes which we got to know were 2 parents and their kids.When the parent girraffes took note of us, they blocked the way😒.

We had to call the reception and ask the way foward and we were advised to throw stones at them thats the only way they’d give way..but noo the girraffes were so hard headed they din’t even make a slight move! They weren’t shook!We were stranded for almost an hour and when we almost gave up a man showed up! Guese who?

The tour guide who was waiting for us at the destination we were headed to.I felt so relieved and mind you, once the girraffes saw the guide they gave way😂 , i felt so betrayed😂.

Anyway we got to get in the animal sanctuary. We saw a couple of other girraffes , antelops , ostrich , rare species of chicken and a donkey.

Click the link below to find out the other amaizing things we saw😍.

We couldn’t tour the whole park because we were so tired but i’m definetely coming back for a round two💋!Thank you for being a faithful reader..I’d appreciate a like and a follow❤ dont forget to click the link and subscribe to my youtube chanel.

With Lots of love




  1. That is so cool. You walked and giraffe were there? Amazing! How I wish I could see one. I would love to visit Kenya one day. Your account was great and pictures were so real. Loved reading you Stacy.
    Thanks for following my blog Stacy. Hope to see you around.


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